Parallel Activities – The Black Box ICTF screened films at the Trakart Cultural Centre, in partnership with the Bulgarian National Film Archive.

June 26, 6 p.m. - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, USA, 1958

June 27, 6 p.m. - A Streetcar Named Desire, USA, 1951

June 28, 6 p.m. - Marriage Italian Style, Italy/France, 1964

June 29, 6 p.m. - Uncle Vanya, Russia, 1959





Tear and Laughter Theatre

by Yordan Radichkov

Director: Krikor Azaryan

Cast: Valentin Tanev, Malin Krastev

Set Designer: Neyko Neykov

Music and Sound Designer: Mihail Shishkov

It would be no exaggeration to say that this production of Lazaritsa is one of the most original interpretations of Radichkov’s play in the past 15 years. Funny, insightful, and original, the play is designed as a tragicomic farce.

Awards: Krikor Azaryan – Best director award at the Vratsa Festival, Bulgaria, Valentin Tanev – Icarus award for best monodrama performance, Malin Krastev – Asker award for best supporting male role, Mihail Shishkov – Icarus award for music and sound design




I’m Not Dreyfus

Chamber Theatre – Tel Aviv, Israel

Writer and Director: Yehoshua Sobol

Starring: Alex Ansky

To salvage the reputation of the French Army following its crushing defeat at the hands of the Prussians in the 1870 War, senior commanders in the French intelligence service plotted a conspiracy against Captain Alfred Dreyfus, the sole Jewish officer in the French Army’s general staff.

A monodrama directed by Yehoshua Sobol, I’m Not Dreyfus was originally presented at the Tel Aviv Chamber Theatre in 2007.




Futurological Congress

by Stanislav Lem

Schauspiel Frankfurt, Germany

Director: Marcel Luxinger /Switzerland/

Set Designer: Julia Plikate

Cast: Sebastian Shindeger

The Schauspiel Frankfurt is one of Germany’s leading theatres, known for putting on innovative experimental works.

“The future is already inevitable,” reads Tihi, as he looks back with regret on the past. He had been attending the futurological congress in Costricana, when a revolt was brutally suppressed there.

“An actor begins to fly and takes the audience with him.” - Ofenbah Post, Germany.




The Diary of a Madman

by N. Gogol

Onstage Art Theatre, Athens, Greece

Director: Takis Zamaryas

Actor: Dimitris Kostadinu

Gogol’s masterpiece is a challenge for actors and directors alike. This production features the standout performance of Dimitris Kostadinu.

Kostadinu’s other acting credits include roles in Fuente Ovehuna by Lope de Vega, Shakespeare’s King Lear and Macbeth, and Aristophanes’ Aharnis.




The Hooligan’s Confession

by Sergey Esenin

Taganka Theatre, Moscow, Russia

Director: Valeriy Taganski

Cast: Vladimir Zaviktorin, Kiril Petrov and Daniel Perov

This hit play produced by Moscow’s world-famous Taganka theatre company has been a mainstay of Russian stages for many years.

When The Hooligan’s Confession premiered in 2001, critics praised Vladimir Zaviktorin’s uncanny performance in the role of Esenin. Zaviktorin is a widely admired actor and poet on the Russian theatre scene. He’s also appeared on the big and small screen, most recently in the TV series Brigada (2002).




Mr. Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran

by Eric Emmanuel Shmitt

Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Bulgaria

Director: Snezhina Tankovska

Monodrama by Marius Donkin

Eric Emmanuel Shmitt’s Mr. Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran has been enjoying a long, successful run on the stage of Ivan Vazov National Theatre.

“Hat’s off to everyone who produced Mr. Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran!" Pari newspaper

“The play will purify you and elevate you to that rarely achievable state of sad joy – you feel so good, it makes you want to cry.” Monitor newspaper

Honours include the Vidlunya award, Kiev, Ukraine; grand prize at the Bitolya Festival in Macedonia; and grand prize at the Albamonofest in Korche, Albania.