The curator of the first the "Black Box" ICTF was renowned Bulgarian director Professor Kirkor Azariyan.

His project Melpomens Sing Melpomene included four stage productions with an all-female cast.






Oscar and the Lady in Pink

Vratza Drama Theatre, Bulgaria

by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

Director: Yordan Slaveykov

Actress: Yordanka Stefanova

Art Director: Mira Kalanova

Music Composers: Alexander Kalanov and Yordan Borisov

Translation: Zornitsa Kitanska

2007 – Yordan Slaveykov receives Icarus nomination for best directing debut for Oscar and The Lady in Pink

2007 – Yordanka Stefanova receives Asker nomination for best actress in Oscar and The Lady in Pink




Nothing More Beautiful

Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre – Sofia, Bulgaria

by Oliver Bukovski

Director: Mladen Alexiev

Actress: Kasiel Noa Asher

Set and Costume Design: Rozina Makaveeva

Music: Kalin Nikolov

Translation: Yana Kojuharova

2007 – Icarus award nomination




Martin, Dancho and Their Mother

Ivan Vazov National Theatre – Sofia, Bulgaria

Writer and Director: Kamen Donev

2006 – Icarus Award

2000 – SAB Award for best direction

Award from Ministry of Culture and Radio FM Classic for his overall contribution to Bulgarian culture

Staging: Svetlana Pancheva

Actress: Carla Rahal

Assistant Director: Irina Ivanova

Lighting Design: Lalyo Hristov

Sound: Sasho Mladenov

Photography: Bojidar Markov




Partly It’s About Love, Partly It’s About Killing

Ivan Vazov National Theatre – Sofia, Bulgaria

by Fiona Sprott

Director: Stilyan Petrov

Staging: Svetlana Pancheva

Actress: Paraskeva Jukelova

Set and Costume Design: Marina Dodova

Sound: Sasho Mladenov

Art Director: Kalina Terzieva





Schauspiel Frankfurt, Germany

by Koraksia Kortez

Director: Marcel Luxinger

Actress: Ann Muler

Set and Costume Design: Katia Stroschneider

The Schauspiel Frankfurt is especially well known for its work in modern contemporary theatre.